Your Covid-19 Experiences Matter!

April 15, 2020

As we live through these unprecedented times, Canadian Ethnic Media is being severely impacted by COVID -19. Following our open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and other political leadership, The Canadian Ethnic Media Association is actively supporting a new project from J-Source, The Canadian Association of Journalists and the Local News Research Centre in tracking impact on not only mainstream media but most importantly Ethnic Media.

Please get involved and fill out the information form provided below so that Canadian Ethnic Media has an important voice and is on the radar for policy makers, industry and all decision makers.

The time is now to participate!

Madeline Ziniak, C.M.,O.Ont.
Canadian Ethnic Media Association 

Has Covid-19 Affected Your Media Outlet? Tell Us!

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the media industry, forcing everything from national and community newspapers to magazines and broadcasters to make difficult changes. A new project from J-Source, the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Local News Research Centre is tracking those changes, including print reductions, pay cuts, layoffs and more. If your publication or outlet has had to adjust its operations due to the conditions surrounding the pandemic, please consider helping the project researchers by submitting details using this form. The verified data collected from news reports, interviews and that provided by media workers like you through this form will be included in a national map of COVID-19 media impacts that will be published on the project partner’s websites. By having the fullest set of information across the sector, the project team will be able to offer the most thorough snapshot of media changes possible, providing a tool for editors, journalists, policymakers and more to understand how the industry has been affected by COVID-19.

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