The Canadian Ethnic Media Association Celebrates its 43rd Annual Awards for Journalistic Excellence with its Second Virtual Production

November 27, 2021

(TORONTO. November 19, 2021) The Canadian Ethnic Media Association is proud to present its 43rd Annual Awards for Journalistic Excellence webcast on Thursday, November 25, 2021, at 7 p.m. ET. Buoyed by the success of last year’s first virtual production of its prestigious awards, CEMA returns this year with its second online presentation, bigger and better than ever!

This claim is easily validated by the record number of submissions received this year, and the high caliber of content and production of the many entries competing across nine categories. It was a massive task for the jury to determine the winners, and the unanimous decision of the organization was to award two finalists in most categories as a way to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work generated by Canada’s ethnic media.

It all comes down now to the webcast when viewers will see the judges’ momentous decisions, and the finalists learn for the first time if they have won their categories. You won’t want to miss this dramatic race to the finish line!

In addition to mounting this year’s Awards for Journalistic Excellence, the Canadian Ethnic Media Association is also happy to celebrate this year’s significant 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act by bestowing a special honour on a man regarded as a champion of diversity and freedom of expression.  CEMA Chair, Madeline Ziniak is pleased to announce, “In light of this auspicious anniversary, it is fitting that this year’s Serghei Khmara Ziniak Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to Toronto’s Yuri Shymko, who has dedicated his life to multiculturalism in Canada and the pursuit of legal protection of the cultural and linguistic rights of all ethnocultural communities.  Mr. Shymko has been regarded as a supporter and promoter of Canadian Ethnic Media, and a trailblazer for multiculturalism for decades.” For a complete biography of Yuri Shymko, please visit our website:

The much-respected CEMA Annual Awards for Journalistic Excellence will originate from CEMA’s Website: , Thursday, November 25, at 7 p.m. ET, and simultaneously across the country at local times. Viewers will see the moment the winners learn of their success, and express their acceptance speeches. The production will feature artistic performances, and special guest messages. CEMA’s online production will be further seen in the weeks following the webcast thanks to broadcast agreements struck with TLN Media Group, OMNI Television, Ethnic Channels Group and ATN-Asian Television Network. Stay tuned for upcoming broadcast air-date information.

The Awards presentation is the pinnacle of a very busy year for the Canadian Ethnic Media Association. CEMA has worked tirelessly to advocate for ethnic media operations experiencing advertising revenue challenges, while trying to keep their communities abreast of the Coronavirus, and other major issues. CEMA has proactively taken their plight to the country’s three levels of government, most recently to the Canadian Radio & Television Commission, (CRTC), as part of the Canadian Ethnocultural Media Coalition, a consortium formed in conjunction with the Canadian Ethnocultural Council, Ethnic Channels Group, ICI Television and TLN Media Group to make the case for the importance of ethnic media in Canada.

CEMA firmly believes Canadian-owned ethnic media plays a critical role in Canadian society. As Ms. Ziniak explains, “For recent immigrants, and subsequent generations, ethnic media helps build an understanding and acceptance of this country, including the rights, privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship. It encourages the continuity of cultural traditions and the reaffirmation of cultural identities by engaging community discourse.”

Also during this year, notably the 5th Anniversary of the CEMA Media Directory, the association has responded to the consistent demand for access to the Directory from all sectors, public and private, by undertaking the massive job of refreshing its listings to ensure complete and confirmed accuracy.

Ms Ziniak, is pleased the organization was able to mount its much anticipated annual recognition of Canada’s multicultural community media. “The 43rd Annual Awards of Journalistic Excellence continue to platform Canada’s best in the ethnic media landscape and to emphasize its importance to Canadian audiences“.

The Canadian Ethnic Media Association is happy to welcome the return of Ontario Creates as the Sponsor of the 43rd Annual Awards for Journalistic Excellence. Ontario Creates is an agency of the Government of Ontario that facilitates economic development, investment and collaboration in Ontario’s creative industries including the music, book, magazine, film, television and interactive digital media sectors. For more information visit:

The second virtual presentation of CEMA’s Awards for Journalistic Excellence is produced by Stan Papulkas, President of Hydra Films, Inc., Edmonton, Alberta. Stan is a veteran independent television producer and filmmaker with many years experience working with Canada’s multicultural and multilingual television programmers.


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