Farmer-centric initiative to build resilience in the food supply!

July 18, 2019


GUELPH, Ontario, July 9th 2019 chain and to mitigate challenges related to adaptation in response to the climate crisis has set up shop in Southern, Ontario, Canada.

The Ontario DIG Community Lab is centred around education and skills development for farmers, students and researchers showcasing and demonstrating new farming methods and applications of technologies to improve productivity and yields while reducing the risk that farmers face.

In partnership with the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, Initiative for Women in Business and the Logistics Institute participants will have access to innovative tools, knowledge and capital to disrupt, innovate and grow solutions to support the Ontario, Canada and global agriculture industry. They will also be able to obtain a certificate in Applied Innovation as well as globally recognized professional designations.

The first successful Applied Innovation Professional designation was earned last month.

20 people across multiple industries of logistics, government/military and HR from six countries. The first cohort represented China, India, Middle East, and Africa have earned their Professional Applied Innovator designation (P.A.In.).

Designed to challenge and disrupt traditional thinking and unlock the entire Innovation spectrum, participants of the Community Lab develop the ability to gain and exercise new ways of thinking and doing to transform leadership through contextual intelligence.

The Ontario DIG Innovation Hub will incubate, accelerate and bring to commercialization disruptive solutions that can be scaled up and solutions that can decentralization the food supply chain.

“We must take much better care of the industry that feeds us by leveraging what we already know about ecosystems – and this extends far beyond Southern Ontario. This is a global issue.” says Carolyn Van, Executive Director of  Ontario DIG Community Lab and Innovation Hub.

“There is not one part of the world that is immune to the food supply challenges we are facing. We will be sharing resources and opportunities to engage with organizations and individuals globally to help keep communities fed.”

DIG has plans to expand to international markets including South Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

“Our challenge is to unlock 100 years of innovation and implementation over the next 10 years.  This will require a phase shift in how we approach and solve problems as well as a commitment to work with people and partners that will expand our community.  We have been called to the highest challenge.  This is a global mobilization that will usher in new economies and unlock our shared global network – or it will be a global failure on a level that is unimaginable.  We have to be successful, the alternative is unacceptable to everyone on the planet – this is our calling.” – Grayson Bass, Managing Director of Ontario DIG Community Lab and Innovation Hub.

To learn more, please contact:

Grayson Bass

[email protected]

647 573 8663

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