Was 9/11 a ‘created crisis’? Book Author makes his points with drama and vigor

January 26, 2015

On October 6, Barrie Zwicker, author of Towers of Deception the only Canadian book offering a 9/11 conspiracy theory drew CEMAs largest audience of the season.

Illustrating his points with a screening of a portion of the DVD accompanying his recently published book, Barrie claimed the current administration of the U.S. is dominated by a shadowy think tank that engineered the 9/11 disaster to create the crisis that led to the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

The organization, known as Project for the New American Century was founded in 1997 by such neo-conservatives as Dick Cheney, Steve Forbes, Jeb Bush, Pal Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld.

The speaker was flooded with questions that lasted for almost an hour. While Barries theory may not have been accepted by many among the audience, they were none the Towers of Deception book coverless spellbound, and purchases of signed copies of the book were brisk.

CEMA will continue to seek provocative speakers for your consideration of their viewpoints, offering you a choice: to agree or disagree.

It is to be regretted that a request made more than a month ago to the two top candidates for Mayor of Toronto went unanswered. Nevertheless there are all sorts of interesting speakers out there.