Ontario setting up expert roundtable on immigration to boost flagging economy, Charles Sousa tells editorial board meeting for OMNI and CEMA

January 26, 2015

The announcement was made at a special “editorial board” meeting between the minister and both editorial staff from OMNI and members of Canada’s premiere ethnic media association, CEMA.

The roundtable will consist of business people, employers, academics and other experts within the field of immigration. It will provide its recommendations to the government in the summer 2012. Here are some facts provided by the minister about

Ontario immigration:

Ontario receives more immigrants the all the Western provinces, all the Atlantic provinces and the three territories combined.

Newcomers make up 30 per cent of Ontario’s labour force.

The Federal Skilled Workers Programme has a current backlog of over 300,000 applicants, many of whom have expressed a desire to make Ontario their home.