Korean-English Translation Grants Available

January 26, 2015

The Daesan Foundation invites application for grants by able translators and awards them to selected applicants. There is a separate partial grant to overseas publishers undertaking publication of translation works completed under this grant.

These grants are destined to encourage the development of Korean studies overseas by organizing or by individuals, encouraging the study of all aspects of Korean literature in particular, thus making Korean culture better known throughout the world.

In order to qualify for these grants applicants must have a full linguistic command of Korean and the target language and literary/critical sensibility necessary for literary translation. The translation should be a team effort of at least one Korean and one native speaker of the target language.

The winning grant is worth 15,000,000 won per project.

Dae Tong Huh Korean-Canadian Translator, President, Korean-Canadian Literary Forum-21,and CEMA member and Dr. Bruce Meyer, author and professor of English at St. Michaels College, University of Toronto received notice of their winning application this past August 2006. Dae Tong Huh went to Korea in August 2006, to accept the Translation Grant on behalf of the pair, for the book of poetry by Korean Poet Myung Im Kim titled Ripples.

The Daesan Foundation was established in 1992 by the generous donation of Mr. Yong Ho Shin (honorific name Daesan, means great mountain), founder and honorary chairman of Kyobo Life Insurance Co., Ltd. The mission of the Daesan Foundation is to promote globalization of Korean literature and enrichment of Korean culture. The Foundation supports the translation of Korean literary works into various languages and their publication overseas.

Founding Vision of Daesan

To foster creative culture

To promote Korea’s national culture

To further international cultural exchanges

For information please e-mail Dae-Tong at: [email protected]