Jonathan Delgado-Levin-Turner, HCol.(Ky.)

January 26, 2015

Jonathan was born in the USA in 1969 and was raised in Los Angeles, California. His mother is Mexican and Native Indian and he grew up in the Mexican American culture known as “Chicano.” The grandparents on his father’s side were from Russia and Azerbaijan.

Mr. Delgado-Levin-Turner served in the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force from 1986-1991. He was a Housing Police Officer in Los Angeles until the 1992. Jonathan moved to Canada in 1992 and spent nearly 20 years in Toronto with Aeroflot Russian Airlines including part time station manager and PR.

He currently works in the federal public sector and represents and oversees several US Military Veterans Organizations. He also advocates for both Canadian and Americans in the GTA who served in the US Forces as well as assisting all veterans of all allied forces and militaries who fought and fight against tyranny.