January 26, 2015

Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory laid out his plans for the city to a capacity audience at the May monthly meeting of CEMA — the Canadian Ethnic Media Association.

The City of Toronto’s municipal election is being held on October 27, 2014.

Tory, a “fiscal conservative” promised that he would get things done if he is elected mayor of Toronto. And he said that he is a “strong leader who has been successful.”

Among the many issues addressed by the “businessman, lawyer, volunteer and community activist” were: housing, transit and health services.

He also said that he has plans to “attract more international business to Toronto” because it is a “good location to locate business.”

Tory told the audience of mainly ethnic media professionals that governments and businesses do not often use our publications, radio and television programs to effectively promote their services.

Prior to announcing his intention to joining the race to be mayor of Toronto, Tory hosted the radio show “Live Drive with John Tory” on a local station. His career has included being the CEO of one of Canada’s largest publishing and broadcasting companies, and chairman of the Canadian Football League.

Tory was also a founding member and former chairperson of the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance.

He says he hopes people will say that he made a difference in their lives.