Hungarian Revolution: 50th Anniversary Observation in Vancouver

January 26, 2015

A Press Release from Rise Up! The 1956 Project:

Welcome to the 1956 Project!

Rise Up! The 1956 Project is a series of events and a companion publication dedicated to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Order our publication for a unique overview of the Revolution its packed with never before seen images and objective, exclusive articles.Our exhibition of artifacts from the Uprising will be one of the worlds finest on the 6th floor of Vancouvers breathtaking downtown Public Library, we will feature hundreds of rare and authentic items from the Hungarian Revolution. Admission is free, and the exhibit will be open for the entire month of October. The Orchestral Tribute to the Revolution will take place at the magnificent Christ Church Cathedral, only a few blocks from the library seating is limited, so order your tickets to today! On the official day of remembrance of the Revolution, October 23rd, come to our evening of commemoration at the Alice MacKay Auditorium at the Vancouver Public Library. Our two-hour program is free of charge enjoy our speakers and video presentations and meet with people who took part in the Uprising. Click on the logos below for a look at the organizations behind The 1956 Project: The New Hungarian Voice Vancouvers dynamic English language quarterly dedicated to the promotion of Hungarian Culture The Vancouver Public Library Our generous partner in commemorating the 1956 Hungarian Revolution The Vancouver Chapter of the Hungarian Veterans Association Recognised for its commitment to preserve and promote Hungarian military history in English TheHungarian-Canadian Cultural Alliance Supporting artistic, historical, literary and musical endeavours that expose Hungarian culture and traditions to all Canadians

Contact us for more information: [email protected]604 733-9948