Great Country, Our Hope… A song by Tony Anthony

January 26, 2015

I migrated to Canada in 1992 and since then I have been fortunate to be in a position to acquire what is neccesary to provide for my family. I recognize how bless I am being given this opportunity. This is the sanctuary, and prospect Canada has offered and continues to make accessible to all who qualify to dwell on her shores. My travel through this land has enabled me to acquaint and mingle with immigrants from around the world that now call this beautiful country home and one main commonality is the gratitude and love they all share for Canada.

We appreciate this country for giving us the chance to come to this land and be a member of a great society. We are thankful to Canada for providing us with the opportunity to live in peace and be the best we can be. With these sentiments, I have always known that I would not be satisfied until I find an outlet to show my personal gratitude and gratefulness for this country’s generosity. As a songwriter, I knew the best way I could truly express my thanks is by writing and sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings for this country via a song. Therefore, by writing this song “Great Country, Our Home” I am presenting it on behalf of all the immigrants who now call Canada home and want to say thanks for the opportunities, the security and all that comes with being a Canadian. I send you this song with its lyrics for your listening pleasure. I hope if you have the capability you will see it fitting to help circulate this song throughout Canada. Or, forward it to any organization, company, or anyone in your circle of acquaintances who might can do the same, so that one day all who reside in our beautiful nation will hear “Great Country, Our Home” the song that convey an immigrant’s pride and expose his love for his homeland.