Ethnic musical future of CANCON Diversity event on March 12

January 26, 2015

A Press Release from Magda de la Torre about a meeting of likeminded musicians and other interested citizens in Toronto to help shape the CRTC’s policy on enforcing the Canadian ethnic music component in the agency’s CANCON policy forthe airwaves…

Musical Future of CANCON Diversity is Ours to Shape NOW!

Venue: Diversity Central The Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. West

Date: Monday, March 12th, 2007 Time: 5:30 7:30 P.M.

Menu: Writing an action plan for Diversity in Music Now!

How many times do you hear the words Diversity and Multiculturalism every day? How many times do you hear music that can be classified under these two tossed-around words on our airwaves?

Do our regulators really understand what Diversity in Music is all about? Was the Commercial Radio Review enough for the regulators to understand Diversity in Music? Is the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) equipped to supply the CRTC, the regulator, with an action plan to include Musical Diversity in Canadian Content or CANCON as we have come to know it?

Do they need our helping hand to breath life into the Diversity revolution that Pierre Elliot Trudeau launched in 1971, that stopped assimilation at the border and launched multiculturalism? Accepting cultural and ethnic diversity as integral to Canadian society? And what about the Multiculturalism Act of 1988?

For the music version of diversity we use the words of the CRTC, the inclusion of groups that have been traditionally under-represented in broadcasting: ethnocultural minorities, Aboriginal peoples, as well as persons with disabilities.

No kidding! StatsCan says by 2017 more than half of Canadas population will be visible minorities or noticeable diverse.

Are commercial broadcasters prepared for servicing that enormous influx of diversity population in a very near future?

On Dec. 15, 2006, the CRTC Commercial Radio Review (Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2006-158, dated, 15 December 2006) asked CAB to amend its best practices and to file a revised version with the Commission no later than March 15, 2007. Once approved, all commercial radio stations will be forced to adopt this new version of CANCON.

Lets make sure they understand what musical diversity is really all about . . . from the people who live and breath and perform Diversity every day. Us

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