CEMA’s 2015 Awards Gala a resounding success

November 24, 2015

The Canadian Ethnic Media Association this year honoured a number of individuals with Excellence in Journalism Awards for the work they have been doing.

The awards were presented at a gala function held at the National Event Centre in Toronto.

The recipients in the various categories are:

  • RADIO – Monica Muraira, host of the show “Momentos con Monica”, which is heard on CHIN Radio in Ottawa. She received the award for the informative and upbeat radio series that connects and impacts the Spanish speaking audience.
  • PRINT: Nazima Sohni Uppal, a journalist with Suhag Magazine, received the award for the insightful article “We Are in Love Right Now, But How Do We Raise the Kids”. It dealt with parenting in interfaith relationships.
  • TELEVISION NEWS SERIES: Mingu Kim, a producer with Arirang Korea received an award for the news series “Toronto: Land of Hope”. It explores the journey of North Korean defectors, how they adapted to living in Toronto, and the support from the community.
  • TELEVISION: Igor Malakhov is the editorial director for “The Russian Herald of Toronto”, seen on TV Vestnik.ca. It was done for the Russian language original series of reports – “Culinary Mosaic of Canada – which introduces unique Canadian cuisine in Toronto.
  • INTERNET: James Ellis & Simon Rees, producers and hosts of “The History Factor”, were honoured for the Internet video story “The Battle of Monte Cassino”, which profiles the contribution of the Polish II Corps in one of the most important battles in the liberation of Italy during the Second World War.
  • INNOVATION AWARD: Stan Whyte, the digital content director for “The Russian Herald of Toronto”, on TV Vestnik.ca, was recognized for the optimization of TV Vestnik.ca’s media content. He created a system for trans-media usage of content produced for TV, the Internet, radio and print syndication.
  • The 2015 Sierhey Khmara Ziniak Award was presented to Dr. Joseph Wong, who has been involved in pioneering work in, and beyond, the Chinese community in Canada.

Dr. Wong began his community work in 1979. He was so moved by the plight of the Vietnamese Boat People that he set up an organization to help the Indo-Chinese refugees get settled in Toronto.

In that same year he led the Chinese-Canadian protest against a CTV program, which portrayed Canadian students of Chinese descent as foreigners who were taking university spaces away from Canadians.

Dr. Wong, who has a deep respect for the ethnic media, has rallied the media to support and promote his causes.

The United Way of Greater Toronto is just one of the numerous causes to which he has dedicated his life.

Dr. Wong is seen as a shining example of lifetime dedication to the very principles CEMA represents.

Among the many dignitaries attending CEMA’s Awards Gala were a number of federal, provincial and local politicians, and diplomats.