CEMA AWARDS 2009: And the winners are…

January 26, 2015

Winners range from Stephen Hui for  an aricle in Georgia Straight on the plight of the In-Shuck-chs on a reserve near Vancouver to a documentary by Lalita Krishna on a Toronto photographer’s work with at-risk youth of the Peruvian rain forest. Eight CEMA Awards were presented.  In  addition, the Sierhey Khmara Ziniak Award, named for CEMA’s founder,went to  the person who through journalism has spoken for Canadian  multiculturalism.

The awards presentaton which included live performances from ethnocultural entertaimners, and was followed by a rooftop patio reception for the winners sponsored by Ontario Media Development Corporation. CEMA which  was founded in 1978 as an inclusive organization for print, radio and television media now includes  internet categories. CEMA publishes a website at www.canadianethnicmedia.com/2009 CEMA AWARDS PLAQUESPRINT Stephen Hui Technology Editor, “The Georgia Straight”, for the feature article “The In-Shuck-ch’s Road to Reconciliation” on this First Nation’s quest for sovereignty. Lucille de Saint-Andre Journalist/author, for an informative perspective on Quebec regions, in her series for “Echo Germanica”.RADIO Paolo Canciani Producer/host of “Mandi, Mandi”, on CHIN Radio, for innovative programming of local and Friulian news and events. Qais Ghanem Creator and co-host of “Dialogue for Diversity”, CHIN Radio, Ottawa for “Three Women” a multi-faith discussion on religious commonality.TELEVISION Marcus Kolga Producer/director for “Sinking The Gustloff: A Tragedy Exiled From Memory”, a documentary on the worst maritime disaster in history. Lalita Krishna Producer/director for the compassionate documentary “Shift Focus”, the metaphorical journey of Toronto-based photographer Rodrigo Moreno. INTERNET Rajeshni Naidu Writer, CP24 website, for an online article depicting how a true story inspired a film on how innocent people often bear the consequences of gang activity. Raaj Kapur Brar Editor and founder of the web magazine “South Asian Life” for his inspiring series of editorials on the stories of young women in the community. THE SIERHEY KHMARA ZINIAK AWARD Irene Chu Producer/writer, for tireless efforts in broadcasting, writing, and the cross cultural initiative of bringing Canada’s Chinese community to a wide multicultural audience through an internet magazine.