Canadians urged to visit national parks

February 12, 2016


Parks Canada’s guest speakers Camille Girard-Ruel (3rd from left) and Jeffrey Sinnibaldi (right) were welcomed by CEMA’s President Kiumars Rezvanifar (left) and Chair Madeline Ziniak.

National parks fun places for visitors

Canada’s national parks are great places to visit and explore, says Camille Girard-Ruel. This was the message she delivered to members of the Canadian Ethnic Media Association at our first monthly meeting of 2016.

Girard-Ruel also said that in Ontario, national parks attract more that 3.3 million visitors each year and contribute more than $250 million to the province’s GDP.

Also addressing CEMA members was Jeffrey Sinnibaldi, an official with the Rouge National Urban Park. He pointed out that an estimated six million people live within an hour of the park, which is accessible by public transportation.

Both Girard-Ruel and Sinnibaldi emphasized that Canada’s national parks are great places to visit close to home.