29th Annual CEMA Awards presented at glittering gala

January 26, 2015

The 29th annual Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA) Awards were presented on June 22 before a packed auditorium at the Velma Rogers Auditorium in Toronto, with a keynote address from Ontario Prmier Dalton McGuinty. The awards were presented to journalists from Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and from the Toronto area.

This year, there were eight CEMA Awards presented. In addition, the Sierhey Khmara Ziniak Award, named for CEMA’s founder, was presented to a person who has championed Canadian multicultural journalism.

CEMA (formerly the Canadian Ethnic Journalists and Writers Club), which was founded in 1978 as an inclusive organization for print, radio and television media now includes internet categories.

McGuinty, in a passionate address defending multiculturalism, said his focus in Ontario is to make sure that every resident gets “the same opportunity to succeed.” He asked Ontarians to remember that regardless of their backgrounds, they are all bound by “the bonds of humanity.”

A sombre note at the gala was to mark the passing away of Zina ziniak, the mother of CEMA chair Madeline Ziniak.

Here is a list of award winners:


News or feature

PETER CZINK, The New Hungarian Voice, Vancouver quarterly magazine, for his series calling attention to the need to preserve heritage reminders of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution which brought so many to Canada.

Editorial or opinion piece

ARNIM JOOP, The Albertaner, Edmonton, monthly German/English newspaper for his editorial on treatment of Filipino domestics throughout the world


News or feature

ERNIE TANNIS, CHIN Radio, Ottawa, For three submissions of his ongoing interview series on Cross Talk dealing with conflict resolution. in the fields of Pakistan earthquake, Dawson College and world values systems.

Editorial opinion piece

HERMAN SILOCHAN, Viewpoint, CHIN Radio, Toronto, For a moving opinion piece on the plight and exploitation of illegal immigrants to Canada.


News or feature

MARCUS KOLGA, producer /director, For the OMNI documentary Gulag 113, telling the story of his Estonian grandfathers imprisonment in Siberia by the Soviets. 89-year-old Grandfather is seen travelling from Canada to revisit the camp.

Editorial or opinion piece

LALITA KRISHNA producer of TV documentary for TVO Move Your World, showing the physical and spiritual experiences of three Canadian teenagers visiting AIDS-wracked Tanzania and their resolution to share their opinions with their peers.


Editorial Opinion


Webmaster/editor Travel and Transitions, Editorial or opinion, 60 years after — some personal history questions The introduction to Susannes site states her aim in publishing, based on personal experiences in her native Austria.

News or feature


Two Toronto-based women create a documentary based on a Holocaust education trip.



…Who, in his yars as a representativ of both the federal and Ontario governments, encouraged and supported formative and productive relationss with Canadas ethnic media.

This year’s award presenters were Dalton McGuinty, Jan Innes, VP, Communications at Rogers, Lenny Lombardi, President, CHIN Radio, John Tory, leader of the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario, Madeline Ziniak, VP & Station Manager, OMNI-TV. The judges were Bill Andersen, Nadia Awad and Jeff Todd.

The gala was hosted this year by Agata Pilitowska, Host of Z Ukosa on OMNI-TV, and entertainment report Rudy Blair from 680 News, an all-news radio station in Toronto.

Entertainment was provided by John Avery, a former NFL player, now with the Toronto Argonaults, who is also a stand-up comic; Baque Nunca Antes, a high-energy percussion group well know in Toronto festivals for its Brazilian rhythms; Desna, a well-known Ukrainian dance group; Dick Lochan, one of Canada’s top Calypso artists; Kinga Mitrowska, a former soloist with the Polish State Opera; and the Greek Theatre Nefeli, which brings together young Greek men and women in dance and song.

A rooftop reception followed the gala where award winnes and guests mingled over wine, cheese and burgers.