Two longtime CEMA members pass away

January 26, 2015

Two longtime CEMA members passed away recently, and CEMA sends its heartfelt condolences to the families of both. The two are Dr. George Korey Krzeczowski and Ken Mori.

Dr. Krzeczowski, author, poet and founder of the Canadian School of Management. Born in Kielce, Poland in 1921, he was educated at universities in Poland and Germany and in 1974 received a diploma in educational management at Harvard. He authored more than 100 economic studies, 14 volumes of poetry in Polish, three volumes in English and the autobiographical Navigators Can, published in 2003.  Mr. Mori, founder and editor of The New Canadian, a pioneer post-war newspaper in Japanese. A longtime member of CEMA, Ken retired with the sale of the paper in the 1980s. It ceased publication some years ago.