The Need for adequate and equitable recognition of Canada’s Ethnic media

May 16, 2020

The Canadian Ethnic Media Association has been advocating for adequate and equitable recognition of Canada’s Ethnic media. CEMA has voiced concerns regarding the lack of support and outreach specifically to the Independent Ethnic Producer base.

It is extremely important to harness these trusted voices of Canada for key messages to be delivered as directly and effectively as possible to underserved multilingual audiences

We have witnessed an alarming level of pandemic ignorance among ethnocultural communities whose news sources are anything but mainstream. Critical instructions and messages are not being delivered to these vulnerable diverse communities in the fight against COVID-19.

In view of Canada’s diverse ethnocultural population, why have these audiences not been given an equitable opportunity to receive important, life-saving, factual information in their language of comfort?

At this critical economic time, when ethnic independent producers are struggling to survive, why have they had no access to funding from the pandemic public awareness campaign?

The Canadian Ethnic Media Association has also identified the challenges of funding models for multilingual Independent producers and recommended eligibility for an Emergency Ethnic Programming Relief Fund.

We are hopeful that this initiative will stimulate immediate action and solid recommendations in support of ethnic media having a level playing field for both funding, and direct access to critical information as we fight COVID-19.

In a letter to the Heritage Ministry, The Canadian Ethnic Media Association stated “it is prepared and willing to help reach ethnic media entities and enable them to be part of the solution”.

To view these and other letters sent to the public sector please see link below to the CEMA News Call to Action page.

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