OMDC fetes CEMA at glittering reception

January 26, 2015

Ontario’s cultural industries contribute over $6.7 billion annually to the economy and generate more than 36,000 highly skilled jobs.

In attendance were Ontario Minister of Culture and Responsibility for Seniors Aileen Carroll, Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Michael Chan, OMDC CEO Karen Thorne-Stone and President Kevin Shea, CEMA Chair Madeline Ziniak and a large number of CEMA directors and members.

Minister Carroll presented Madeline with a message of congratulations from Ontario Premier Dalton Mc Guinty which read:

“On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am delighted to extend warm greetings to everyone celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA).

“Canada boasts a wealth of languages and cultures. Fortunately, our country also boasts a strong and vibrant ethnic media dedicated to capturing and presenting the viewpoints, values and experiences of our diverse population.

“I offer my hearty congratulations to the talented professionals of CEMA on marking three decades of providing outstanding print and electronic journalism to the communities you serve — and to our nation as a whole. My colleagues and I, indeed all Ontarians, applaud the fine work you do in helping to ensure everyone in our province and our country is given a voice. Please accept my sincere best wishes for a memorable celebration — and much ongoing success.”