Member’s Voice – A Blog with Diversity

April 13, 2019

CEMA is happy to announce its new blog, MEMBERS’  VOICE:  Multicultural News Blog.  This is the opportunity many of you have asked for, and now you can express your POV, (or Point of View) on the myriad things that catch your attention every day.

The topics may be subjects of concern to ethnic communities, or just insightful commentary on daily life in Your Town, Canada.  From Parliament Hill to Magnetic Hill; from Bay Street to Main Street; the quirky, obscure, trendy or downhome topics that make you just want to opine to your heart’s content. MEMBERS’ VOICE is your platform.

Perhaps you already write a blog, or have a blog feature on your website that you would like to link to the CEMA website.   It’s easy to get to us. Just go to the contact page and call, or fill out the e-mail form. A panel of CEMA Board Members will vet all submissions and make decisions on what commentaries will enhance this page.

To start the ball rolling, a number of the Board Members chose a topic we are all fond of, to provide a sampler of the writing we’d like to see on this page. The topic is “Why I Joined CEMA”, and the submissions offer insight about your colleagues you may not have known.

We hope to see you on this page sometime soon.

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