His Canadian tour of duty memorable, says U.S. Consul John Nay

January 26, 2015

After a brief address, Consul General Nay answered a number of questions, many  touching on the need for passports or a Nexus Card for trusted travellers. He admitted that frequent border crossings made by a single persons were often scrutinized by both American and Canadian customs and immigration officials because it is necessary not to turn a blind eye to the drug trafficking which still continues. Nay said his consulate would be delighted to receive visits from small groups of CEMA ethnic journalists to view at first hand the day-to-day operations of the consular service and said that the public relations staff would be happy to discuss these visits with applicants. Consul General Nay introduced Charles Cole, who  begins a stint with the Consulate in Toronto as media relations chief and who has previously served at consulates in Morocco and Spain. Also, he said, a new U.S.  Ambassador would be named shortly.