Gerardo profiles Canada-Philippines relations

January 26, 2015

Gerardo, a member of the advisory board of The International Import & Export Institute is the author of a recently published book titled in Tagalog Ka-intindi han which translates into English as Mutual Understanding.  The text of the book is, however  in English.

Gerardo , a UNESCO scholarship recipient,  is backed  by a full generation of international trade experience. Hes been Philippine  trade representative in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and was the first trade commissioner and manager of Philippine House in Toronto. He heads an Aurora-based guidance counsel service to doing business with Asian countries.

Using a number of compelling historical facts on how, since the 1950s,  sound relationships  have  developed between Canadians and both transplanted Filipinos and those who reside in that island nation, Gerardo believed that these defined a role model for relationships between diverse communities.

He said the mainstays of this relationship have been a mutual understanding of each others core values and economic s success.  For instance, in 1996 there were 157,872 working Canadians of Filipino origin and ten years later, 300,000 of the estimated 400,000 now residing in Canada. In 1970, imports to Canada from the Philippines amounted to $4 million but in 1996  with a population growing from 30,000 to 400,000 these imports amounted to $990 million. A corresponding  rise in Canadian exports to the Philippines to nearly $590 million has also resulted.

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