Canada’s World needs your participation

January 26, 2015

The poll revealed that we feel as much citizens of thr world as Canadians. Although proud of our military history, we’re looking for a new kind of “heroism” — taking the lead on international environmental issues, confronting human rights abuses and fighting hunger and poverty in the developing world.

Most Canadians strongly disapprove of U.S. foreign policy, naming the United States as the country with the most negative influence in the world.

Young Canadians (15-24) re more engaged and interested in international issues than local, regional and national politics. Young people give as often and more to international causes than older Canadians.

Canada’s World is having a conversation about our country’s role in the world. The organizers want to get Canadians informed and talking about how they want us to act in the world, and what we have to do to make that happen.

The full report is available at

The project is having this conversation in person, through dialogues with randomly selected participants in every region of the country, and online at The outcome of this conversation will depend on what you say so it’s up to you to participate and make your voice heard!

To get you prepared to talk about your country and the world, they’ve created the above website. From which you can find more information about Canada’s World – the overview of the project, the project team, information about the other members of the site, advisors, collaborators, and funders, and ways to contact Canada’s World.

From the rest of the site, you can learn more about your country and the world and get prepared for the online dialogue, which will happen next spring. You can take quizzes on international issues, browse the gallery and add your own photos to it, read guides for how to get involved in making change in the international arena, and learn about new realities facing Canada in the world. So – get going!

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