Voices of Canada

There are many reasons why you should join CEMA. Here are just seven really good ones:

• Be part of a national organization that protects your rights as an ethnic communicator.
• Be recognized as a legitimate and important media representative.
• Gain access to private sector and government information kits and briefings.
• Meet private sector and government spokespeople and politicians through our Speaker Series.
• Stay abreast of developments affecting ethnic communities.
• Grow your editorial scope and expand your access to advertising sources.
• Network and build partnerships with different ethnocultural communities


MEMBER – Voting Membership

  • Anyone receiving regular remuneration for his or her work in the fields of journalism, production in the electronic media or creative writing.
  • Any person editing a regular bulletin or newsletter on interracial or intercultural relations for a non-profit organization.
  • Annual Fee $30 — due on January 1 each year.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Non-Voting Membership

  • Any person working in related fields, such as public relations or corporate communications in non-profit or for-profit organizations.
  • Annual Fee: $40 – due on January 1 each year.

STUDENT – Non-Voting Membership

  • Students enrolled in college or university programs in journalism, radio, television and film, public relations, and media and design.
  • Annual Fee: $15 – Due on January 1 each year

E-mail Madeline Ziniak

or click here to register your membership online.