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ALVAREZ, Ace is Managing Editor, Manila Media Monitor TV/AVP Producer, Russell International.





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ALVAREZ, Gie is a TV Host, Front Page Philippines, AVP Producer, Russell International.





no picBARKAN, Svetlana is the host of “Your Money”, a financial series on OMNI TV. Most of her work is targeted at the Russian-speaking community of GTA. Svetlana also does commercials, PSA, promotional, copy and freelance writing, reporting, production, post-production and video editing. During her career in broadcasting, she worked for The Weather Network, Rogers Television and Canwest Global.  Svetlana would like one day to run a successful PR and special events company. Ms. Barkan writes for “Russian Express”, “Virastaika”, “Bonus”, “Canadian Jewish News”, “Russian TV Guide”. Her English work is published on several blogging sites.


bogorya-buczkowski-150x150BOGORYA-BUCZKOWSKI, Yvonne is presently the Director of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council interested in promoting understanding of multiculturalism in Canada. She has done work in the areas of multiculturalism and education. Dr. Bogorya-Buczkowski is President of the Polish Canadian Women’s Federation and Editor of the Bulletin – a communication tool to share achievements of women immigrants in various parts of Canada. Yvonne is active in the Polish Canadian Community and is interested in developing cross-cultural contacts.


irene-chu-150x150CHU, Irene Christine was Born in Shanghai, China; grew up in Hong Kong; and has been in Canada since 1963. She describes herself as a woman of many trades and hobbies and is an avid reader, writer, pipe organist, artist, Chinese calligrapher + gardener, cook. Latest ventures: Executive producer / producer of a 20-episode television drama series entitled ‘ONCE UPON A TIME IN TORONTO’, in Mandarin with English subtitles, to be aired in October 2009; and Co-founder of Ginger Post, an English e-magazine with a Chinese Canadian perspective. Current Board affiliation: Toronto International Film Festival Group; Rogers Media OMNI Television Advisory Board Chair; Sweda Canada Inc.; and Premia Realty Inc. In the past she has been a Canadian Citizenship Court Judge and a member of Appeals Division, Canada Immigration Refugee Board.


peter-czink3-150x150CZINK, Peter has been the Editor of the New Hungarian Voice (, Vancouver’s popular English language quarterly dedicated to the promotion of Hungarian culture, since 2001.  He has also served as Editor of the Magyar Front, the academically acclaimed English language journal of the International Hungarian Military History Preservation Society (, since 1999.  He is currently the President of the IHMHPS, and theVice-President of the Hungarian-Canadian Cultural Alliance.  Born in Vancouver, BC, Czink has been a tireless advocate for the promotion of Hungarian culture in order to enrich and educate both the Hungarian-Canadian community and the people of Canada in general.  His numerous projects support artistic, historical and literary endeavours that expose Hungarian culture and tradition to all Canadians.

no picFUST, Csilla, is the editor of the news magazine Hungarian Literary Writer’s Group and is also a member of the Canadian Hungarian Writer’s Association where she has co-produced several cultural and literary events and presentations.  Her writings and poems have appeared in the Literary Anthology Publications of Hungary. Csilla’s poem about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, which was written on its 50th anniversary, appears in the International Library of Poetry.   In 1980, Csilla was one of the original members to join CEJ&WC (now CEMA).  She was also a Hungarian News Producer for 10 years from 1976 at CHIN Radio, and as of 1979 she was the producer of the Hungarian Chronicle for 12 years at Rogers Television.

trifon-haitasHAITAS, Trifon is founder  of AVC, where along with his team of proven professionals, is committed to producing news and entertainment that is valued by viewers throughout the globe. AVC is an electronic media source to the Hellenic and multicultural community at large. Haitas publishes news and entertainment via the Digital Choice Network, Satellite and via Broadband. AVC’s production team provides creative materials to national, regional and local television networks based in Canadian, South American and European markets. They also offer distribution, editorial and marketing services that are utilized by international press agencies, which print reputable newspapers in Toronto. Please visit for more details.




suresh-jaura 1JAURA, Suresh lived India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, before moving to Canada in 1987. He is well-travelled, and has a long-time interest in the media, having launched a monthlymagazine when he was 23. To reach across to a much larger audience worldwide, by taking advantage of Internet, he launched South Asian Outlook e-Monthly in June 2001, South Asian Web TV in December 2005 and Indo-Canada Outlook in August 2006. Suresh won CEMA Awards in the Internet category in 2004 and 2008 for his contributions in South Asian Outlook. Suresh is President (North America) of Globalom Media Group, an information, communication and publishing agency committed to social and ethical responsibility. Its publications include online and print magazines such as the Global Perspectives, the South Asian Outlook, Indo-Canada Outlook, The Global South independent e-Journal and the Development Watch monitor. Suresh is also Advisor for Canada and the South Asian Diaspora of the Global Cooperation Council.


zuhair-kash-kashmeri-150x150KASHMERI, Zuhair (Kash) is a Toronto-based editor, writer ( and broadcaster (OMNI-TV). Full-time, he is the Chief Research Editor for National Bank Financial. He is a regular on-air commentator for OMNI-TV and the Friday night commentator for its South Asian news hour. Zuhair is the author of two books, Soft Target: The Real Story Behind the Air-India Bombing, and The Gulf Within: Canadian Arabs, Racism and the Gulf War. He began his writing career in Bombay, and then worked at The Globe and Mail, the CBC and NOW Magazine. He has written for international publications such as the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian and the International Herald Tribune. He is currently translating into English, the biography of his father Agha Jani Kashmeri, a well-known Bollywood film writer of yesteryear, and is on the board of directors of CEMA and the editor and webmaster for its website.

masood-khan-150x150KHAN, Masood is a lifelong journalist and the Editor of The Eastern News, which is the first Pakistani newspaper established in Canada in 1979. Mr. Khan is presently the Chair of the Canadian Association of the Pakistani Media (CAMP), whose members include print and electronic media. The Eastern News is known for its “honest and bold” reporting of current affairs.




no picMAKWIZA, Adolfo Makuntima  (Ado) was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His studies have taken him to Angola, Italy and the USA.  When Adolfo moved to Toronto he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from York University, and then a degree in education from the University of Ottawa.  He recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Theology from the University of Toronto.  As an artist, a musician with six CD albums, he is also an accomplished writer, teacher and television producer; and the proud father of a daughter, Sarah N’Kenge Rivard.  Adolfo speaks French, English, Italian, Lingala, and Kikongo fluently, and comprehends Portuguese and Spanish.


no picMEHTA, Renu is a consulting editor with the North American Edition of The Indian Express and Divya Bhaskar. The Indian Express carries in depth news from India, U.S and Canada to an extensive South Asian audience. The newspaper was launched in September 2004. Divya Bhaskar is a prominent newspaper in India which is now distributed in the Greater Toronto Area as a weekly in Gujarati. Renu is also the founder of Imagebuilderz, a company that specializes in providing a full spectrum of media and public relations, marketing and event management services. Imagebuilderz has lead several successful campaigns over the years, for example the League of Canadian Poets, State Bank of India (Canada), T.D. Bank and Progress Career Institute amongst many others.


no picMONZOOR-E KHODA, Khan is a filmmaker, Video News Journalist and Editor. He holds a doctorate in Computer and Engineering Mathematics from Loughborough University of Technology, England. He has over 33 years of experiences in the audio/video recording & media/film industry. Dr. Khoda has worked as a director, editor, director of photography, cinematographer, technical director and special effects specialist in film making. He is currently the President & CEO of Deshi Television Inc., which covers issues relevant to the Bengali and other South Asian communities.,,


nick-noorani-150x150NOORANI, Naeem ‘Nick’ is living the dream, literally. Dubbed a social entrepreneur and an immigrant advocate, Nick Noorani, author of Arrival Survival Canada and founder/publisher of the Canadian Immigrant magazine, takes his work to a higher level through extensive community involvement. He is a sought-after speaker and member of the Dominion Institute’s speakers’ bureau and enjoys touring the country delivering his ‘Seven Success Secrets for Canadian immigrants’ talk and is a radio host with Radio Canada International (RCI) for the popular show for immigrants called The Link. He is President of the Vancouver Multicultural Society, Board member of the Vancouver YMCA, Vancouver 2010 Olympics Advisory Committee on Sustainability Performance, RCMP – Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Visible. Nick received the Inspiration Entrepreneur of the Year award in. In 2007 he was honoured by the North American Association of Asian Professionals (NAAAP).


nikhat-rasheed-150x150RASHEED, Nikhat is a writer, editor and researcher in the immigrant community. Nikhat runs the Faith of Life Network magazine that reaches the Muslim community within Canada, and also acts as a consultant for academic institutions and NGOs in the areas of immigrant settlement.





no picRESZEGI, Csilla is a writer and her work is primarily is featured in Health Care and Promotional Publications as well as Statistics, Education and Scientific Journals. She writes book, movie and special event reviews in English and Hungarian.





no picSIMÁNDI, Agnes is a poet, writer and journalist from Hungary. Shortly after her arrival in Canada in 1987, Agnes began producing the Hungarian radio program at CHIN. In 1995 she became the editor of the periodical Pythagoras Füzetek. In 2001 Agnes went on to become a broadcaster at Independent Hungarian Radio (AM 530). Agnes has published six poetry books, and numerous articles, essays and poems in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies in Hungary and Canada. She is presently a columnist at the weekly newspaper Hungarian Life weekly and is working on her first novel. Her seventh book of poetry will be published in the Fall 2009.


no picSYED, Hasanat Ahmad is the Editor in Chief of the New Canada weekly, the oldest Urdu-English weekly in the Greater Toronto Area. Mr Syed has been a committed member of CEMA for 32 years. His book Outstanding Immigrant in the Millenium and most recently The Second Coming of Jesus Christ have garnered him much attention as of late.




gina-valle-129x150VALLE, Gina is the editor of the book Our Grandmothers Ourselves which examines aging, family and feminism from twenty cultural perspectives. She is the curator of the photo exhibit Legacies, which opened Festival Canada in Hong Kong and the new Harbourside Gallery at Pier 21 in Halifax, Canada’s Immigration Museum. While Gina lived in Montreal, her PhD work in Multicultural Studies took her into French and English inner-city classrooms where she had the opportunity to work alongside exemplary teachers. Dr. Valle has completed a documentary The Last Rite, which looks at death as seen through the eyes of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. She is an active member of the Association of Italian-Canadian Writers (AICW) and The Italian Canadian Museum (ICM)


sonam-wangchuk-150x150WANGCHUK, Sonam is the producer of Radio Tibet, which is the only Tibetan radio program in Canada, and airs on CMR FM 101.3 every Saturday morning at 7:00. The Tibetan community is quite supportive of this media initiative as it works to preserve the culture through media and to educate the community on issues at large




elena zolotkoZOLOTKO, Elena (journalist/columnist – Russian/Canadian media) was born in the Ukraine. She received a PhD in Communication and Information Science from Moscow State University of Culture, and shortly after moved to Canada. She is a passionate journalist, a dedicated researcher and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. As a long-time columnist who writes the weekly “Women’s Accent” column for the Canadian-Russian newspaper, Canadian Courier, she has published hundreds of articles, interviews and reports on lifestyle, fashion, health, wellness and fitness. She has interviewed numerous global celebrities. Elena’s name is listed in the 2,000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century published by the International Biographical Center, Cambridge, U.K. – “in recognition of an outstanding contribution to Public Relations”. She was also nominated for the title of “International Woman of the Year” (2004) and was awarded silver medal for “Women Who Make a Difference”.

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